Macedonian Medical Society

The Macedonian Medical Society (MLD) is a professional organization of doctors of medicine in the Republic of Macedonia.

The Macedonian Medical Society was established on August 12, 1945 as the Association of Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists. Later, pharmacists and dentists, in 1947 and 2004 respectively, separated into their own associations.

At its founding, MLD had only 123 doctors and dentists and 96 pharmacists. Today, MLD includes over 5000 doctors of all profiles, represented by about 35% in primary health care and about 65% specialists in various fields, organized in about 70 specialist and subspecialist associations and 20 regional associations according to the place of work and residence.

The Macedonian Medical Society, with its more than seventy years of activity through generations of doctors and their voluntary and selfless commitment and sacrifice, represents one of the main pillars of Macedonian healthcare and a significant segment in the overall social development of the Republic of Macedonia.

MLD is the predecessor of the Faculty of Medicine as the source of the first teaching staff of the faculty.

MLD is the initiator of the idea and the founder of the Medical Chamber of Macedonia.

MLD has bilateral and regional cooperation with several countries.

MLD is a legitimate long-standing member of the World Medical Association (WMA) and the European Forum of Medical Associations EFMA/WHO. Through its specialist associations, MLD is also a member of more than 80 international specialist organizations.

On the initiative of the MLD, in 2005, the Forum of Medical Associations of Southeast Europe – SEEMF (South East European Medical Forum – SEEMF) was formed from the national medical associations of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and Turkey. Shortly after its establishment, Montenegro, Slovenia, Romania and Serbia joined the forum. In 2010, at the First SEEMF Congress (accredited by UEMS, EACCME), the Forum was joined by the medical associations of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and other countries.

Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of health care for the population through the promotion and development of Macedonian medicine and related sciences, the establishment of good medical practice and high ethical standards, thus preserving and improving the dignity and reputation of the medical profession, and protecting the interests of and the rights of its members.

Tasks and objectives
The Macedonian Medical Association is the main driver of continuing medical education (CME) and continuous professional development (CPR) of doctors of medicine and related professions.

MLD achieves its tasks and goals through:

planned implementation of professional development of its members through organizing and supporting continuous medical education in the form of congresses, symposiums, professional meetings, workshops and other forms of work;
monitoring and informing the professional community about the development of healthcare and medical science in the Republic of Macedonia through its written publications – the professional magazine “Macedonian Medical Review” and the informative and educational newsletter “Lekarski Vesnik”;
cooperation and planning of undergraduate and postgraduate studies of doctors;

support and encouragement of scientific research activities through cooperation with scientific and higher education institutions;

participation and organization of campaigns and programs to promote initiatives to protect the health of the population, vaccinations, infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, healthy lifestyle, etc.

fostering and promoting medical ethics through its Ethics Committee, the Code of Medical Deontology of Macedonia and the Code of Ethics of the World Association of Physicians, and for ethics in medical practice it cooperates with the relevant bodies of LKM and the Faculty of Medicine;
cooperation with the World Association of Doctors, the European Forum of Medical Associations and the World Health Organization, with the Forum of Medical Associations of Southeast Europe, with the Association of Medical Specialists of the EU and other related professional associations.

realization and maintenance of bilateral cooperation with other medical associations in Europe and beyond